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Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic and powerful yoga method that synchronizes movement with breathing, know as Vinyasa, going through a sequence of asanas (Yoga postures). Other elements of the practice are Ujjayi breath (victorious breath), drishtis (gazing point) and bandhas (body locks). By integrating these elements during the practice, a student can experience a dynamic meditation in movement and feel a deep connection with him/herself. The traditional method of teaching is Mysore style.

In a Mysore class Beginners and advanced students practice together but individually at the same time. Is a method in which each student learn gradually following his own rithm of breath, step by step, developing a self practice under the guidance of the teacher. 

Commitment and patience are the keys to connect with the practice in a spiritual way.

At the beginning the practice is short, around 45 minutes, and gets longer over time, around 1 hour 15.

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