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Yoga is a wonderful tool for a healthy life.

Body and mind benefit from this practice creating a state of balance and calm.
I have being teaching for the last 10 years, mainly Ashtanga Yoga and since my pregnancy also Pre and Postnatal Yoga.
I offer private Yoga lessons in Zurich city at my students home or workplace.
Plus some group classes in the city center.
Please contact me for any question.
Love, Paula

Ashtanga Yoga for begginers. 

40 minutes class with the fundamental sequence, finishing postures and final relaxation.

More videos here

Paula Tobal

I was 12 years old when I took my first Yoga class. My aunt was my first teacher.

Since the very beginning I found a deep connection with the practice, feeling so calm and happy after each class.


Ten years later I graduated as a Hatha Yoga teacher from IPEF Institute in Buenos Aires.

I taught Yoga to kids for two years while traveling in Argentina during a cultural project called “Ser Semillas”.

During many years I took courses of body expression inspired by dance techniques with Alina Folini.


I started Ashtanga Yoga in 2012. Since then it has become my main practice. From the beginning I have been practicing under the guidance of Calu Cuadrado at her yoga studio in Buenos Aires.

I also deepened my knowledge of the practice attending workshops with Regina Ehlers, Matthew Vollmer, Tim Feldmann, Lucia Andrade, Laruga Glaser, Sharath Jois and Manju Jois. During three months in June 2015 I have been practicing regularly with Michael Hamilton in Zürich, Switzerland.


Since 2013 I taught Ashtanga Yoga in Almagro Yoga Studio in Buenos Aires and also in Ashtanga Yoga Palermo, Bs. As. I worked in AMIA teaching Yoga to the employees of the organization and in the CSHA guiding Yoga classes for seniors. During summer 2015 I was hired to teach Ashtanga Yoga at ‘Gitana del Mar’ beach resort located in Santa Marta, Colombia.


In 2016 I did a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India becoming a certified Yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). 

I moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2016 and since then I am teaching group and private Ashtanga Yoga classes in english and spanish at my students place (home, office, hotels) and in AthaYoga, located in the heart of Zürich city.

Becoming a mom in 2018 made me connect more deeply with yoga as a tool of holistic wellness.

I started to teach classes for moms and babies in the program "mamayoga" and in 2019 I did a Postnatal teacher training at Birthlight, Zurich.

I share with my students what I learn from my teachers and my daily practice.

Yoga is a wonderful tool of transformation, through the practice, connecting with our true self and cultivating the best version of ourselves.

I believe that being disciplined, caring and loving helps to deeply connect with this practice and with life in an authentic way.


Yoga is the best tool I have ever met for a healthy and happy life.


That's why I would love to share this practice with you.




Tel: +41 76 454 96 72

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